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EKINOXX was born in Congo (DRC), which he left very young for Belgium, where he took his first steps in hip-hop through dance within the group "FUGITIFS", in 1993. It was then that he got acquainted with the scene then in 1994 under the influence of his big brother, known under the pseudonym of DON KLEMENTE he learned to express himself at the microphone, since he does not separate any more from his microphone. With his two childhood friends, JON BUNDES AND BULLJAH, they formed the group "LA SOURCE HOSTILE", in 1995.

Later, the three young rappers join the "COUP D'ÉTAT" collective, made up of 10 members. The progressive evolution of EKINOXX will be accentuated by numerous stage performances in the capital of Europe. The prize for the best Belgian group, within the framework of the competition for the best Belgian rap group, was awarded to them and given to them by DANY DAN of the Sages Poètes De La Rue, in 1997. Shortly after, the team separated and BUNDES, BULLJAH, L'AMIRAL and EKINOXX continue their ascent under the name of "TETA-NOS".

The freestyles on the radio and the shows throughout the flat-country mark their strength as well as their credibility within the Belgian movement. In 2002, EKINOXX left Belgium and decided to conquer Montreal where a few months were enough for him to put his mark and make himself known to the general public.

In 2004, he won the songwriter award at the International Festival "HIP HOP FOREVER" organized by Constance Rozon (Just for laughs) and that of the artist of the year 2015 at the Gala Fouzoradio. He collaborates with DJ HORG for his first mixtape "10 years of vibe". He then worked with SHADOW SKILLZ, GENIUS MARKETING as well as PROMOTION (GENIUS DJS) on the mixtapes "FROM EUROPE TO NORTH AMERICA" vol.1 animated by himself and vol.2 animated by SINIK. His versatile style, fluid flow, rich rhymes and deep lyrics characterize him as an all-terrain MC. He continues to experiment with his art in Montreal through rehearsals, recordings (studio Victor, studio R&R music, studio 451, Cité 2000 / Molson center, etc.). He is also involved in the community with adolescents at the Nobadsound youth center by organizing writing workshops.

His passion for the language of Molière from elementary school and his refined pen allow him to write for other artists either; Elisabetha from loftstory 2006, Coco and many others. In 2011, he set up his label '' COCTAIL COR-C '' in which he is the main artist and evolves in musical association with Danielle and Raymond Rousseau of R&R Music and two other members of his collective '' AKKROZIK '' are part of this active machine.

A few years passed and Ekinoxx released some singles and videos like the song Génération Mélangée in 2013 with the artist Soké (from the group Banx & Ranx and having worked with Sean Paul, Beenie Man and Gorillaz). This success was broadcast on Musique Plus and other international television and radio channels. He has several strings to his bow, he also carries the role of event host, he notably hosted the last Hamza show and that of Gradur in Montreal in 2017.

After more than 20 years of career, the date of May 19, 2017 will be precisely marked by the release of his very first album entitled “Through time”, an opus eagerly awaited by his fans. For this great project, the Belgian-Congolese artist has made a partnership with the great Quebec hip-hop label “R&R Muzik inc. »By Raymond alias Ray Ray and Danielle Rousseau. Raymond Rousseau, former member of the Montreal group "Les Architekts" produced most of the musical compositions for this project. Soké also participated in the project by producing 3 compositions including “Mixed Generation”. Dj Manifest and actor-host Angelo Cadet as well as other artists from Montreal, Belgium, France and Africa also joined the adventure for a musical journey through different sounds and atmospheres. Ekinoxx has concocted an opus with very varied compositions for a large audience with songs with refined and committed lyrics. Ekinoxx songs are about real facts, life experiences and positive messages.

Diversity and openness to the world clearly define this artist. The main subjects that we find in his texts are the lived experience, the experiences of others and especially his relationship with music. EKINOXX is an outstanding artist and animator who is very charismatic on the Quebec urban scene. His passion is linked to rap with which he marries other musical styles. He shares with us an artist-scriptwriter concept, that is to say, to display imagery and metaphorical texts in order to captivate the listener. A complex rhyming strategy, the richness of his lyrics and his good elocution make him one of the most promising rappers in Quebec rap.


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