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From an early age, COCO, an energetic girl, was drawn to sports and the arts. For seven years, she took private lessons in piano and flute, and was a member of a choir for two years. For several years, she took courses in theater, singing, jazz ballet and expressive dance which she particularly liked. She also competed and excelled in many sports competitions such as karate, judo, figure skating and mountain biking.


Already very aware of ecological problems, COCO, a young girl, constantly accompanied her mother, author and publisher of children's books (Éditions Céline), to schools in Quebec. There, she would interact with the students through workshops on the environment. Her voice was heard in two children's stories: Marie-Chouette and the Planet and Marie-Chouette and the Comet. These stories written by her mother were available on tape at the time. COCO was then invited to participate on several occasions in the radio program hosted by the famous naturopath and renowned astrologer Anne Marie Chalifoux (Cité Rock Détente) to talk about the environment.


While pursuing studies at the University of Montreal in journalism (photography, Vox Pop ...), COCO has been sought as a model by many companies. These range from SCP-NSI Auto Show, Motorcycle Show (Harley Davidson) to Formula 1 (Michael Shumacher Ferrari), Adidas, La Vie En Rose, La Senza, Maxim Mens Magazines, UMM , Playboy, at Interbox and GYM boxing competitions (Yvon Michel) at the Bell Center, at the Casino de Montréal and at Club Soda. She has also worked for the Silver Bullet (Coors Light) Tour, Schmink Cosmetics, Bridal Show and many more.


COCO is currently working in the studio with famous Montreal artist / DJ / producer RAY RAY who is producing his first solo album in the Hip-Hop / Pop / R & B genre.


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